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Lora Markley, AIChE/DVS Candidate for 2011 Young Engineer of the Year


AIChE Delaware Valley Section is proud to nominate Lora Markley as Young Engineer of the Year 2011. As part of the annual Engineers’ Week, Philadelphia’s Engineers Clubs and Societies recognize the achievements of an individual under the age of thirty five as Young Engineer of the Year. Lora has distinguished herself both in her professional life as a chemical engineer and as a volunteer for charity. We have received outstanding commendations from every one of her former employers and form her current employer. She has distinguished herself with her solid work ethic, her eagerness to learn, and her ability to encourage others. Lora is an active participant in Engineers Without Borders. This organization provides engineering assistance to underdeveloped countries to help them with the provision of clean water, electricity, housing and sanitation. Lora has spent some weeks in Rwanda, helping impoverished people achieve a higher standard of living.