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In Memoriam: Chuck Clerecuzio

Charles A. Clerecuzio Foundation





The AIChE Delaware Valley Section mourns the loss of our beloved friend – Chuck Clerecuzio. Chuck sadly passed on November 1, 2017. This is a tremendous loss for everyone who knew him. He was an amazing father to Joseph, the best husband a wife could want, and a friend of unrivaled loyalty.

His passion for life was evident in all that he did. One of his favorite things was to teach other engineers – he was an engineer’s engineer. Chuck was an active board member and past-president of the DVS chapter. He was always excited to help out fellow engineers however they needed. He and his family enjoyed hosting and BBQing for the section at his house every year. 

Beer Brewing Competition

Members of the Delaware Valley Section will enter a beer brewing competition hosted by the AIChE organization. Accompanied by Ted Heron and Giselle Johnston, Paul Yanisko hosted the homebrewing activities at his home where they brewed an oatmeal stout style beer. In addition to entering into the “dark and malty” category, they will also enter into the optional “seasonal” category using spices and additional hops to brew a portion of the main batch. The competition will take place at the Annual Meeting in Minneapolis on October 29th where judges will sample the homebrews and DVS team member Peter Schwalbenberg will represent the team in the poster competition. Good luck to our section in the competition!

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August 2017

Hello colleagues! I hope you had a great summer and are looking forward to a good end to 2017 and great start to 2018. I will be Chair of the Delaware Valley Section for the 2017-2018 year and we have a lot of great stuff planned. For those that are not very familiar with the section or those looking for some reminders, please read on below. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at

First up, I have to recognize our wonderful board and other helpful volunteers. Everyone involved with our section is active, helpful, and friendly to all so please reach out to any of us if needed. Our board meets monthly, typically the first Wednesday of the month, at Villanova. All section members are welcome to attend if you are interested in getting involved so please show up, have a bite to eat with us, and share your ideas. There are also a number of committees in the section that help make everything happen, including student outreach, programming, continuing education, and others. These committees typically work on their respective projects over email and phone calls and any section members are welcome to be a part of the committee.

We have some special events in the works for the year. First up is a Career Forum event on September 6th in Conshohocken, which will be a great event for those nearing graduation, young professionals, and those interested in general networking. On September 28th, join us for our annual Oktoberfest at Yards Brewery in Philadelphia. This has been an excellent event in the past and is sure to be fun again this year so be sure to not miss the last year in the old Yards Brewery before they move into their new, larger brewery (still in Philadelphia). We will also be having an event at the new FMC tower and our annual CEO Lecture at the Union League so stay tuned for updates on those events. And there will also be other fun events like plant tours, student outreach events, and events with other local societies.

I also wanted to mention our continuing education events. The sessions include dinner and a one hour talk on a relevant technical topic. The sessions each qualify for one professional development credit hour. We offer sessions in Conshohocken, PA and Newark, DE, typically one each month at each location. The sessions are also available online. If you see a topic of interest, I highly recommend you check it out as not only will you learn from the talk, but the instructor will be happy to answer questions, and other participants will offer interesting perspectives.

It’s sure to be a great year and I hope we can get even more of the best and brightest engineers of all ages in our area out to more of our events. Please check back to our website and subscribe to our email list to stay up to date with all of the happenings. I hope to see you at an event this year.

Ted Heron,
Chair 2017-2018

Wilmington and Delaware Valley Sections Agree to Reunite

As you may have read, the Wilmington Section and the Delaware Valley Section of the AIChE are merging back again. The Wilmington Section’s service area was originally part of the Delaware Valley Section at its inception in 1932. In 1983, the Wilmington Section started operating independently, bringing a full range of professional activities that were propelled by the dedication of many volunteers. Time and seismic changes to our demographics have changed the makeup of the organizations, and it now makes sense to rejoin as one stronger organization. We are thrilled to bring both sections back together, combining our resources to give you the best value for your membership. We believe that this merger will create more opportunities for our members.  Integration will allow your local section to pool resources to better serve you and your professional associates in this very important hub of industry and academia.  The consolidated leadership is committed to integrating and providing value to members of its entire service area, which now includes the state of Delaware and Cecil County, Maryland, in addition to South Jersey and Philadelphia and its suburbs. Several board members of the former Wilmington Section have joined the consolidated board, ensuring that the needs of the Wilmington geographic area are heard and fulfilled. The consolidated section will be known as the Delaware Valley Section.

The new by-laws have been approved by our Board of Directors and AIChE Local Sections Committee. It only needs the formal approval of AIChE – Career and  Education Operating Council. After the approval, DVS will work with AIChE to have all IT systems reflecting the new changes.

Another change worth mentioning is that ChemE students studying in the area are consider members in good standing.  We are making an effort to involve students and develop good engineers and leaders by putting together events to support the needs of students and involving students at the board level. 

DVS is one of the largest and most progressive sections in the world with a rich and diverse annual program. This is only possible by the participation of our members. We invite you to get involved at the board level. It may sound a lot of work, but our board is very committed and structured that even the smallest help can contribute greatly. Please contact Daniel Sujo, 2014-15 Chair if you would like to learn more about getting involved at DVS.