Background: Selas 2008

May 15, 2008
Selas Fluid Technology Center Tour

Join us on May 15th

to visit Selas Fluid’s Technology Center located in Conshohocken, PA.

The Center includes a combination of permanent and modular systems used for testing process operations. Permanent systems include:

• A 1.3 MM Btu/hr (0.4MW) down fired Sub-X thermal oxidizer with a submerged quench, high-energy venturi scrubber, and a packed column for acid gas treatment. This unit may be used for testing with waste gases and liquids.

• A 3 MM Btu/hr (0.9MW) staged combustion (reducing/oxidizing) thermal oxidizer with a countercurrent, spray quench and combination venturi/packed column scrubber using sub-cooled scrubber liquor applicable to waste gases and liquids.

• A 40 MM Btu/hr (11.8MW) water-cooled furnace for conventional fuel combustion development testing.

• A 1 MM Btu/hr (0.3MW) GR flameless thermal oxidizer (waste gases) with internal heat recovery to minimize support fuel requirements.

• A GH12 flameless thermal oxidizer for waste gas oxidation.

The modular units provide a system of “building” customized combustion systems for a given need. Currently, the inventory of combustion equipment at the facility will allow configuration as either a water cooled or refractory-lined design with heat releases up to 10MM Btu/hr (2.9MW). In addition, various auxiliary equipment arrangements may be prepared for tail gas clean up such as a partial quench and fabric filter to demonstrate dry inorganic particulate removal compliance with environmental emission regulations. Waste feed options include a wide diversity of both gases and liquids.