October 3, 2023 CE – Multicomponent Fractionation

Continuing Education – Evening Lecture
Multicomponent Fractionation and the Super Fractionation Stage

Presenter: Norman Lieberman
Independent Consultant (Refinery)

Tuesday October 3, 2023
5:30pm-6:45pm – Presentation (Eastern time)
6:45pm-7:00pm – Q&A Session & Closing Remarks

PDH Credit: 1 credit

Location: This will be an online presentation only.

$10 each for all attendees

This lecture will cover multicomponent distillation; pumparounds; flooding and dumping on trays; super fractionation trays; thermosiphon reboilers; and converting wine into brandy. 

Norman Lieberman graduated from Cooper Union in 1964. He is now an independent consultant troubleshooting refinery problems mainly the design errors made by big engineering contractors. After 59 years, he still finds troubleshooting an exciting and interesting profession. Norm runs 3 miles every day to prevent old age from catching up. He also runs seminars for experienced plant operators and chemical engineers. 

Please register no later than Tuesday October 3 at 12 noon. Cancellation requests received by the registration deadline will be fully refunded.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Cynthia Tarun at tarun.aichedvs@gmail.com, 832-341-4960 (Mobile).