March 30, 2016 – CEO Lecture Recap

2016 AIChE DVS CEO Lecture

by Laura-Ann Chin

This year’s AIChE DVS not-to-be missed annual CEO lecture was presented by keynote speaker Mark Vergnano, CEO of Chemours, Dupont spinoff.

This anchor event also celebrated and honored the following stellar candidates for their respective awards:

1) 2016 Young Engineer of the Year Award to Daniel Sujo, Inolex
2) 2016 Young Chemical Engineer of the Year Award to Giselle Kathryn, Laporte
3) 2016 Chemical Engineer of the Year to David Hagan, KBR

And not forgetting the FMC Scholarship winner, Rachel Janes, Rowan University on her award for “Excellence in Technical Writing on Sustainability and Environmental Issues” ·