February 20, 2018 CE – PHA – What Does Good Look Like?

Continuing Education – Evening Lecture
PHA – What Does Good Look Like?

Presenter: Jacob Alvarez
PHA and LOPA Facilitator
RISK, Inc.

Tuesday February 20, 2018
5:15pm-5:30pm – Networking
5:30pm-6:30pm – Dinner & Presentation
6:30pm-6:45pm – Q&A Session & Closing Remarks

PDH Credit: 1 credit

Ashford Boardroom
KBR Inc.
242 Chapman Road
Newark, DE 19702

$30 Members
$35 Non-members & Guests
$15 Students
$15 KBR Employees
$15 WEBEX option

Dinner will be provided with registration for live attendance. Webex information will be provided 1 day in advance.


This presentation covers general components of a PHA (deviation/guideword selection, development of causes & consequences, documentation of safeguards, recommendation/action item wording), and attributes of a project PHA that distinguish it from a brownfield revalidation PHA. The focus is a broad overview, not an in-depth instruction on conducting PHAs. The purpose is to provide PHA managers and teams with insights into how a PHA should meet various quality standards for both the session and the resulting documentation. It assists in reviewing internal PHAs to improve internal quality and also reviewing the work from 3rd party vendors to understand if they are getting a quality PHA?


Mr. Alvarez is a qualified PHA and LOPA facilitator and a professionally licensed engineer. He is familiar with several techniques including Hazard and Operability (HAZOP). He has over 10 years of experience in process safety for clients in both the chemical and refining industries. Mr. Alvarez has received formal training from DuPont and Chevron in leading hazard and risk review studies using various techniques including HAZOP and What-If/Checklist.


Please register no later than Monday February 19 at 5:00 PM. Cancellation requests received by the registration deadline will be fully refunded.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Cynthia Tarun at cbtarun@gmail.com 832-341-4960 (Mobile).