Young Chemical Engineer of the Year of the Delaware Valley

 2016- Giselle Schlegel

Giselle Schlegel earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering in snowy upstate New York at Syracuse University. While studying there Giselle worked in a shape memory polymers research lab, mentored engineering freshmen transitioning to college, tutored students in calculus, and held Ambassador leadership positions within the Engineering College and the University Admissions Office.

Giselle has been a member of AIChE since 2010 at the student level and joined the Delaware Valley Section in 2014. In addition to her current role as the Delaware Valley Section Vice Chair, she also holds several positions at the global level including Programming Co-Chair of the Young Professionals Committee and K-12 Coalition Co-Chair and board member for the Societal Impact Operating Council. She is currently leading a large grassroots outreach initiative starting in the Delaware Valley local region that is funded by the AIChE Foundation. The program goal is to spark widespread outreach programming throughout the local sections of AIChE by making resources easily accessible and encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practices within a community webpage.

Giselle is employed by Laporte Consultants in King of Prussia and works in the areas of process design and validation for food and beverage and pharmaceutical clients in the region.Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors during all seasons of the year and has also made homebrewing beer a hobby. Giselle is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the thriving Delaware Valley Section and hopes to continue to inspire the next generation of engineers and business leaders throughout her career.

2015 – Laura-Ann Chin

A Malaysian native, Laura-Ann Chin graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering. Throughout her undergraduate career, Laura has worked with numerous cutting edge projects including studying endocrine disrupting compounds in wastewater, researching genetic stability of E.Coli in a novel COSBIOS reactor (RWTH, Aachen Germany) and designing an automated zebrafish tracking system using MATLAB (STUBA, Bratislava, Slovakia). Laura performed her graduate studies at Villanova University on the characterization and upgrading of biocrude oil from waste lignocellulosic biomass where she obtained her M.Sc. also in Chemical Engineering under the mentorship of Dr. Justinus Satrio. At the age of 22, Laura is proud to have authored and co-authored 5 engineering publications.
Currently, Laura consults as a process engineer for Jacobs Engineering in Conshohocken, PA where she is involved in the design of biopharmaceutical facilities internationally. Laura has served on the executive board of AIChE DVS for two years as Secretary and is actively involved in running the continuing education series (PDH). In addition, Laura engages in SWE, Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia Young Professionals Group, Jacobs Women’s Development Network and the Jacobs Employees Club of Philadelphia.

2014 – Daniel Sujo

Daniel Sujo has served in the AIChE Board for since 2011 as Student Coordinator and Associate Treasurer. He served as Chair in 2014-2015.  Daniel completed his masters at Rowan University and his bachelors at ITESO (Mexico) both in Chemical Engineering. He has worked in the fine and specialty chemical industry with focus on process design. He currently works at Inolex, Inc. as a Process Engineer. He has worked at Ferro Corporation and Siegfried (USA) in similar roles and at Rowan University as an Adjunct Professor. Daniel lives in Philadelphia with his wife, daughter and son.

2013 – Dr. Thomas English


2012 – Anya Williamson