Zeisberg Best Laboratory Report Award – Winners & Nominees

Instituted in 1941 and named after Mr. Fred Zeisberg a section leader with a passion in technical writing, the Zeisberg award recognizes the best written Laboratory and Research/Plant design reports from each accredited chemical engineering department in the Delaware Valley Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The winners are selected on the basis of report organization, accuracy, conciseness and clarity, grammar, neatness, and general effectiveness. The jury is composed by chemical engineers working in industry and academia.


“Finned Heat Exchanger Experiment” – Drexel University

“One-pot Aqueous and Template-Free Synthesis of Mesoporous Polymeric Resins for Rapid Cross-Coupling Reactions” –Rowan University

“Iodination of Acetone: KIN Final Report” – University of Delaware


“Synthesis and Characterization of Molecularly Hybrid Bisphenols Derived
from Lignin and CNSL: Application in Thermosetting Resins” by Alexander W. Bassett, Claire M. Breyta, Amy E. Honnig, Julia H. Reilly and Kayla R. Sweet, Rowan University (Winner)


Aswathi John, Drexel University

Madison Fink, Widener University

 Harrison Hawkins and Lucas Boyd, Rowan University


 Perma Pure – Junior/Senior Engineering Clinic Project Report” by Gerard Brereton, Emma Dohmeier, Steven Gossert, Harrison Hawkins, Jessica Kastelein, and Stephen Kulik, Rowan University (Winner)

“Gas Absorbtion” by Kyle Villarin, Amy Testa, and Vijal Desai, Drexel University

“Cloning Laboratory” by Michael Perry and Sarah Zabarnik, Villanova University


 Boiling Film” by Umme Amira, Casimir Czworkowski, and Derek Rahe, Drexel University (Winner)

“Combinatorial Effects on Cognitive Development in Planaria Exposed to Caffeine and Ethanol during Head Regeneration” by Nicholas Costantini, Elizabeth Green, Samantha Marino, Mark Sharp, Samuel Touroonjian, Samantha Winterburn and Matthew Wyatt, Rowan University


“A Quantitative Model of Stem Cell Differentiation for the Study of Alcohol’s Effects” by Felix Alex, Rachael Schwartz & Kevin Sweeney, Rowan University (Winner)

“Heat Conduction Experiment” by Harrison Bradley, Matthew Geheran & Amanda Norcini, Drexel University

“Analysis of Fed Batch Process with Saccharomyces cerevisiae” by Tyler Moeller , University of Pennsylvania

“Bioreactor: Fermentation Operation and Analysis” by Abdullah AlMulla, Nichole Philipp, Scott Milden, Meshaal Algheriri, Widener University