Zeisberg Best Research/Plant Design Report Award – Winners & Nominees

Instituted in 1941 and named after Mr. Fred Zeisberg a section leader with a passion in technical writing, the Zeisberg award recognizes the best written Laboratory and Research/Plant design reports from each accredited chemical engineering department in the Delaware Valley Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The winners are selected on the basis of report organization, accuracy, conciseness and clarity, grammar, neatness, and general effectiveness. The jury is composed by chemical engineers working in industry and academia.


“The Production of Cocoa Products” – Rowan University

“CHEG431 Final Design Report” – University of Delaware

“Process for Sustainably Sourced p-Xylene” – University of Pennsylvania


“Direct Route to Phenol from Benzene” by Bryan Daowdat, Gerard David Hoeltzel and Robert Tannenbaum – University of Pennsylvania


Rishabh Rathod, Nancy Patel, Luisa Palmese, Lyndsay Fitzer, and Jasmine George – Drexel University

Michael Moroney, Evan Smith, Marissa Thompson, and Fernando Torres – University of Pennsylvania

Stephanie Bodie, Thomas Leibiger and Payal Shah – Villanova University


“1,3-Propanediol from Crude Glycerol” by Evans Molel, Hannah Phillips, and Alexander Smith, University  of Pennsylvania (Winner)

“PMMA in Anisole Photoresist” by Thomas Boran, Christian Canavarro, Aaron Duran, Luke Fang, and Austin Kuba, Drexel University

THF Manufacture Plant Design” by Steven Hertzog, Jessica Kastelein, Paulina Kruszewski, Clarence Medina, Martin Walsh , Rowan University

“Design and Optimization of a Cumene Production Process” by Joseph Brouillard, Adam Butchy, and Brandon Wesley, Villanova University


“Final Design Report” by Callie Estreicher and Jenna Pugliese, Villanova University (Winner)

“Olefins from Shale Gas Condensates” by Rishon Benjamin, Harrison Bradley, Samuel Hardy, Sean Layton and Daniel McPherson, Drexel University

“1,3-Propanediol Bio-production Plant Proposal and Analysis” by Matthew DiMattesa, Zachary Hinton, Marc Izquierdo, Michele Marandola, and Allyson White, Rowan University

“Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injuries” by Priya Kumar, Diana Moock, Adam Muncan, and Michelle Sorkin, University of Pennsylvania


“The Microfluidic Multi-surface Coagulation Assay: Microfluidic Analysis of Citrated Whole Blood” by Elizabeth Cummings, Vamsi Vuppala & Melissa Wang, University of Pennsylvania (Winner)

“Upgrading Vacuum Resid through Hydrocracking” by Allison Kirkpatrick, Shawn Magauran, Caitlin Gottier & Thomas Minford, Drexel University

“Green Solvent Process Modeling”, Stephen Montgomery & Molly Russell, Rowan University

“Development of a Hydrogen Plant: Simulated Process Design and Technical, Economic, Safety and Environmental Analyses” by Vaughn Jackson, Kristofer Reclusado & Timothy Walter, Villanova University